Do you want to divide your large living room into several separate zones? That’s a good decision! Just because there’s plenty of space to work with, you don’t have to be careless when organizing it. Making the most of a big living room and making your home a more welcoming place, is the goal of this article where I discuss several split living room ideas that you can implement quickly. Many of them do not take much investment.

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So how do you divide a big living room?

Let’s begin

1)  Split your living room with a Hanging Decorative Panel Screen from ceiling

Kernorv Partitions Separator Decorative Partition in living room with brown tones

Kernorv Partitions Separator Decorative Partition

You can separate your living room into smaller sections by hanging decorative panel screens. You can go with a design that’s simple yet stylish, like the one in the picture above. In this modern open-plan area, sofas along with the decorative panel screen, create a visual and physical barrier between the sitting and dining zones. This also adds a layer of glamour and eye-catching appeal to the space. It creates enough separation without blocking light. Learn more about this living room divider here

Here’s another wood plastic hanging screen panel design below

life Technology Hanging Room Divider



2. Divide your living room space, by color coding different zones

Use contrasting colors to define different zones intended for different uses.

living room space by color coding different zones in blue and white living room


Here, Teal and white have been used to create two distinct spaces – a lounge and dining area – in this open-plan room. Additionally, fresh white walls along with white furnishings tie both schemes together ensuring the entire space remains airy, light and welcoming. This is one of the split living room ideas than can really change the look of a space.


3. Use art that doubles as a divider for an open space room

Instead of choosing a plain partition you can go for a decorative divider that’s stylish and eye-catching.

divider for open space room with art work and zebra rug


Here the artistic divider doubles as a privacy screen, as well as provides calm creativity in this open-plan room. A brown sofa and brown floor, along with green carpet, successfully separates the two areas without closing them off completely.


4. Install curtain as a room divider

One of the easiest and also a DIY friendly option of splitting a big living space into different zones, is to hang curtains from the ceiling. This way you do not even have to install any other room divider or permanent partition.

curtain as a room divider in large room with decor

Using heavy drapes can provide total privacy without compromising the room’s light. Here an airy ambiance has been created with a light curtain.  A separate seating area can be created easily when the curtains are drawn. To get a fresh look, choose a patterned, textured or brightly colored curtain, as it’ll act as a feature wall when closed. This is one of the split living room ideas that doesn’t have to cost a lot.


5. Use a Wine Racks a divider

Wine Racks as a divider in dining room on area rug

This is a cute and clever way to use a wine rack, which is beautifully balanced between two areas which are acting as both divider and storage. The soft white carpet accentuates the separation of two zones.

6. Use rugs to establish distinct spaces

An area rug is a smart way in any wide open room, to create different zones. Not only does it offer a visually attractive area; soft underfoot large rugs, can also be used to create different zones, with specific functions within a single large room. There is no need to install a physical barrier that may disturb the harmonious look and feel of the space.

This open space features different area rugs that help divide the expansive open floor plan into smaller distinct areas. The rugs are also visually filling up space, making it more homey and intimate.

7. Artfully arrange furniture to create different spaces.

Yes, the placing of furniture can make a big difference when it comes to creating separate zones in a spacious, open area.

furniture to create different spaces with area rugs in white room


Take note of how the furniture has been arranged in this open large room, successfully splitting the space into two distinct spaces – one for eating and the other for lounging around with the family.

8. Create two different zones with two types of flooring

Divide a big open space into smaller segments by installing different flooring materials of different colors or patterns, which will create a visual division between the two areas.

different zones with two types of flooring with grey couch in front of brick wall


This design trick, as shown here, is quite effective where floor coverings, such as interface tiles have been used other than other materials, such as carpet or solid wood. Split living room ideas using different types of flooring, is a great way to create separation within a design.


9. Sunken floor for creating zones in a large room

A stepped or sunken level inside an open-plan design, will help define different zones while ensuring the room maintains its open airy feel.

creating zones in a large room with sunken seating area in green


In this open space, the steps mark the transition from the dining area to the seating space, in this contemporary concrete home. It visually separates one side of the room from the other. Plus the contrasting flooring material of the two spaces also provides visual cues to a room division.

Here’s another idea for sunken space to divide an open living space.

space to divide open living space with sunken space with grey couch


Using a comfy seating area in the sunken space, there is no need to develop walls or raise the ceiling pane. You can still get the hang of an open space without having to have anything that divides the open area.


10. Open Shelf as a room divider

An open shelving unit provides a quick and easy option to divide a large room. This is a good option without having to use a solid-backed structure that may make a space feel too closed in.

Open Shelf as a room divider in white room with kitchen and dining room split living room ideas


This is not only practical, but also can be moved when you feel the need for redoing and rearranging the layout of a big living room.


11. Use wallpaper to build visual boundaries

A striking brick shaped wallpaper is craftily used in this open, Industrial-style living room to define the cozy sitting area nook and visually separate it from the adjacent eating area.

Arthome Distressed Decorative Self Adhesive Wallpaper on wall


The self adhesive vinyl red brick wallpaper is an inexpensive way to create a different looking nook for reading or to add a lounging zone, in a big living space.


12. Make your bedhead work double time as a room divider

Split living room ideas as a bedhead work double time as a room divider in white bedroom with grey couch


In a large open space, you can split your bedroom into two distinct spaces, by positioning your bed and bedhead as a half wall; as seen in the picture above.

This solid upholstered headboard not only enhances the cool look of the room, but also doubles as a partition that separates the sleep zone from the sitting zone.


13. 70s Style

A 70s vibe is created by this wooden partition, serving Niemeyer realness in this Sao Paulo apartment.

70s wood partition with plants bottles and decor



14. Geometrically shaped Wood cubby separators

Split living room ideas with Geometrically shaped Wood cubby separators


Here a geometric designed wooden cube on a metal frame has been used as a space dividing feature. For creating more zones in other open spaces, this idea can be repeated in different forms as well. This is one of the more artistic split living room ideas.


15. Bookcase as a room divider

Bookcase in blue with storage and books as split living room ideas


Bookshelf room dividers are very popular, as well as being excellent space-savers and they’re great at adding privacy to a space, without completely separating it from the rest of the room.


16. Built-in cabinets

Built in cabinets in white with yellow kitchen walls

This is another practical way to divide a large living room with partitions that have built-in cabinets. They’re not only just decorative, but also provide a practical way you can use the space. You can use the cabinet to store tableware or glasses for the dining room.


17. Storage and built-in TV

Make the most of your living room by including the TV into your room dividers design.

Storage and built in TV with brown furniture

The divider, as shown in the picture can be a perfect structure on which to mount the TV for the sitting area, while the other side spaces can be used for storage and display purposes.

mount the TV for the sitting area

Here’s another option, where the TV cabinet itself serves the purpose of creating a separate zone in the room.


18. Sliding Metal Art divider

Wooden bookshelves and dividers, are a great way to divide a big living room. This is great if you also need the storage space but are looking for something a little more elegant, you can use a metal divider with an artistic design. There are versions that also slide, so that can be taken into consideration as well.

Sliding Metal Art divider in white living room


Hopefully from the above options, you can choose one or two ideas according to your budget and living room space. These will give your home a modern welcoming look.


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