From zero yard work to cost free plumbing repairs, apartment living truly has its perks. But it’s not without any shortcomings either. One of the most significant dilemmas in apartment living is space. It is common knowledge that apartments offer very little space with a single room or multiple rooms. These rooms sometimes have multiple functions, which can prove to be frustrating to someone who has a passion for huge closets and armoires. But if you aren’t one who can make do with all the many details of luxury living, a few organizational tips is all it takes to keep your space uncluttered, organized and relaxing. To jump start your initiative, here are 5 jaw dropping storage ideas for small apartments.

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Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

Tip #1. Living Room Face Lift

Living room storage ideas for small apartments

As one of the most visited rooms in an apartment, this is where space can easily become a nightmare straight from Elm Street. With foot traffic from friends and family coming and going through this virtually tight space, the need to refurbish a look that frees ample floor space while providing storage, can be attained with the use of dual purpose furniture. Think about this; a sturdy vintage trunk working as both a coffee table and storage for things like books, magazines or spare items that don’t fit in the closet. Have your ottoman refurbished so it can double as a footrest or seat, while having storage space hidden to accommodate small stuff. A sturdy book case can also be used to hold entertainment sets, books and other decorative elements to spice up your living area. Storage ideas for small apartments like this type of furniture, are great for most apartments.


2. Revamping the Bedroom

Bedroom storage ideas for small apartments

A place for relaxation; clutter here is a complete no no. Amid the trifling space available though, there are certain ways to boost your storage space. Invest in under bed storage which can be easily moved around when you need it. DIY projects on how to make a bed storage savvy are pretty easy to find abound and so are affordable items on Amazon. Simply add rises underneath your bed to raise and accommodate storage boxes. Incorporate your bedroom’s closet right into the wall with a sliding door. Incorporating a mirror into the cabinetry also makes an illusion of bigger space, as well as a way to give your bedroom a completely “clean” look.


3. Kitchen Overhaul

Kitchen storage ideas for small apartments

Make each square inch of your kitchen count by installing an innovative storage system. Add in ceiling hooks, wall hooks or side bars to hang pots and pans, ladles, mixing bowls, and other frequently used cooking and baking utensils. Add a sliding spice rack to your stove for easy breezy cooking. Of course, a rolling cart doubling as both a kitchen island, chopping and cutting board and storage, is a definite good investment. Storage ideas for small apartments like this are a great option.


4. Liven Up Bathroom Space

Bathroom ideas

A small apartment literally means having an equally small bathroom. Most apartments do not have space for bath tubs, but if there is one, make room for under side storage to hold towels, linens, reading material, aromatic candles, shampoo and other bathing knick-knacks. For those with little kids, install hanging bath storage baskets to hold toys and bathing needs. The space beneath or beside a sink, behind a door, and beside the toilet bowl, can also be transformed into an extra storage area.


5. Groovy Mini Office Space

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Many apartment dwellers bring their work home, hence the need for an office. As a rule, an office space should not be incorporated into your room; so as to promote relaxation and sound sleeping patterns. A corner desk in your living area or kitchen area may come handy. Make good use of a kitchen or living room’s corner by creating a recessed wall to accommodate a desk, a computer and other work paraphernalia. This gives you ample time to multi task between preparing dinner while working on a deadline.


In a nutshell

A tiny apartment should not limit your creative juices to recreate an illusion of a much bigger space. There are definitely ways to store your belongings to prevent bulking up an already limited space area. By simply maximizing vertical spaces and hidden walls and alcoves, as well as using dual purpose furnishings, you might be amazed at how much space is available to accommodate your intentions. It’s easy to take advantage of these storage ideas for small apartments.


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