How do you fit a kitchen, bedroom, and living room in one tiny room? Studio apartments are the rage nowadays. With limited space, crafting a liveable and comfy abode can require a lot of planning and a bit of ingenuity. You need to make the room lend an illusion of a much bigger space, while ensuring distinction from living area to kitchen and dining, and to bedroom space. Decorating your studio apartment need not be expensive though. To get you started, here are some tried and tested studio apartment decorating ideas to make your space less cramped.


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studio apartment decor on display



1. First things first, carefully choose your palette. Small spaces require cohesiveness and smooth flow of color or hue from ceiling to floor, walls and in between. Experts in interior design often recommend neutral tones or light pastels to make the space feel lighter and livelier. You can also paint wall to ceiling in all white giving you more legroom to mix and match decorative items.


2. Make each area distinct by separating each zone using multi-functional designs. For one, you can make good use of area rugs to define separate floor plans. Or you can wedge a piece of furniture like this FurnitureOfAmerica Aydan Bookshelf-Room Divider in between a bedroom and a living room, to give you some sense of privacy. Taking the bed out of direct eye contact when getting into your door will help make the space more private while maintaining cohesiveness with other elements therein. Studio apartment decorating ideas like this allow a person to store their books or other items, in an organized way.

FurnitureOfAmerica Aydan Bookshelf Room Divider

Another way is to convert your bed into a daybed when there’s no more legroom for a bookshelf or a divider. Take this DHP Dillan Futon-Couch Bed. It can be used as your resting area during night time and as an extra seating option at daytime or when having friends or colleagues coming in for a visit.

DHP Tan Dillan Futon Couch Bed in studio apartment


3. Choose furniture pieces that offer multi-functionality. Aside from a futon-couch bed, you can look for tables and chairs with built in storage. Walls can also be recessed to accommodate shelving units as extra storage. A coffee table may also serve as a dining table or perhaps, choose one with hidden storage. A bench with storage can be added in certain areas, too. Some opt for daybeds with storage. The idea is to optimize usage of every square inch footage of your studio.

Studio apartment decorating ideas white bedroom


Or you may also opt for bespoke furniture and cabinetry that keeps things hidden. Look for furniture pieces like a futon bed that folds away from sight when not in use, a cabinet that also hides a dining table and custom-made chairs. Some also have entertainment systems that hide in recessed walls and so on.


4. Make your studio apartment feel alive by adding decorative pieces that draw the eye away from the main space. Add some visual interest with contemporary art wall decor such as this meditative calm lake, beach and surf abstract landscape, lavender field rows or that sunny autumn day trees lining a path. Such statement pieces add a sense of vigor to any space while drawing the eye away to make an area feel roomier. This is a standard option for studio apartment decorating ideas, as it provides great visuals in a stimulating piece of art.


5. Draw the eye up to create an illusion of more space by adding sky-high curtains. Even without soaring ceilings, installing curtains that go far up the wall will help create a roomier illusion and more breathing room for such a cramped space. Go all-white or choose curtains with vertical lines for it to be more effective.


6. One rule of thumb that never goes out of style in studio apartment decorating– declutter. Let go of bills, junk mail and paper trails. Get rid of visual clutter like unnecessary artwork dangling on walls, appliances scattered around countertops and knick-knacks lying everywhere. These items will make the room feel cramped and downright nasty to the eyes. By decluttering, you’ll be freeing more space to allow the eye roam freely.


The Loft Advantage

loft gostinaya studio apartment decorating ideas


Make the best out of your limited space with these studio apartment decorating ideas. If you have tall or sky-high ceilings though, adding a loft will give more square footage to your current abode. It may require a little more budget, but there’s just no more ultimate satisfaction than having your own private sleeping and working area right on the top. With that, you can free up more space down under and let the room breath.



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