So, you finally have a teenager and your first line of business will be to hunt for budget-friendly teenage bedroom furniture ideas to celebrate this newfound independence. What with friends hanging out, school work and keeping up with BFFs on social media, there’s simply a lot to consider when choosing what bedroom furniture pieces to put in there. But with their body clocks a-changing, finding a way to get them to have enough sleep while enjoying an organized stress-free environment, can be a challenge.

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teenage bedroom color yellow and white



To get you started on this quest, here are some doable and affordable teenage bedroom furniture ideas. There are also some tips to create a relaxing and uncluttered bedroom while showcasing their own independence and uniqueness.

1. Say It With Colors.

Before you pick up that ottoman or a working desk, it is important to know what color your teenager leans on. Most teenage ladies love bright shades and unconventional bursts of color. Young lads, on the other hand, prefer either bold dark colors or neutral hues. But while it is easy to just go with their flow of thoughts in terms of creating a room they can call their own, it is essential to consider the overall theme of your home. See to it that their choice will not clash with the prevailing motif, for that seamless continuity from one space to the next.

2. Oh-la-la Bed.

You don’t have to drag your teen around just to shop for beds. There are various online websites for both of you to scan on the size and type of bed they would want to have in their bedroom, then deciding on whether to order it online, buy local, or make one collaboratively (which sounds more fun!). The idea, however, is to get your teen to be involved in buying their bed. Keep in mind that this is the room’s central element. If you crave for an economist standpoint, it is deemed wise to go for a twin or queen size bed that they will ultimately grow up with throughout the years. Just make sure that it fits in their current space though. Teenage bedroom furniture ideas that involve the bed are very important, so take the time to do the right thing.

Fancy a sleepover anytime soon. This twin bunk bed will make a lot of difference.

Merax Bunk Trundle Ladder Espresso as bedroom furniture idea


3. Mattress Heaven and Sleep Position.

Aside from the bed frame, you will also be tasked to find the best mattress for your teen. Sleep is essential for your child’s overall health. At such an active growing up phase, it is only fitting to find one that suits your teen’s dominant sleeping position. Side sleeper, for instance, may make do with a memory foam type. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, tend to be more comfortable on firmer ones. The idea is to find one that offers the most support and keeps your child’s posture in order.

This Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam will make an excellent choice as it features the latest technology in memory foam evolution allowing for a more relaxing and serene sleep at night.

Zinus Master Ultima Comfort Mattress as teenage bedroom furniture in gray


4. Homework Haven.

Home-schooled or not, putting up a desk in your teen’s bedroom must also be on your priority list. Consider size and space as well as added storage when picking one. Measure where it will be placed, preferably in an area where natural light comes in. Get the proper dimension and find one that also offers ample storage. Small bedrooms can go for this L-shaped computer desk from Mainstay for its utmost space-saving solution at such an affordable price.

desk as teenage bedroom furniture decor in black

5. OOTD Holders.

Of course, keeping your teen’s bedroom tidy and organized should not stop at school stuff alone. These are trying times for young gals and lads. They’ll be changing outfits faster than lightning and you’ll be left with a trail of clutter when no proper storage, like a closet, is around. As much as you would want to make an open space, see to it that armoires or free-standing closets, like the one below from Woltu, have doors to it to hide the clutter. The teenage bedroom furniture ideas that offer some kind of storage should always be ones to look into.

WOLTU Portable Clothes Wardrobe Organizer in white as teenage bedroom furniture


6. Extra Storage, Extra Storage Everywhere.

Things will be happening left and right to your dear teenager’s life. It is also wise to give them a lot of options to store memorable knickknacks. Think bookshelves with slots for their personal stash. Also, storage which can be easily hidden from plain view (like under the bed) like the one below from Sorbus, also comes handy to keep their bedroom organized. Some usually choose the DIY route to make good use of every square inch footage of their space.

Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizers as bedroom furniture ideas


7. Accessorize Leisurely.

Let your teen pick items such as beanbags, chalk or cork boards, scatter cushions, rugs, ottoman, and other fun furniture they wish to add to their bedroom space. Allow your teen to stamp their own sense of chic comfort into their bedroom space. Do suggest though to pick those that offer multi-functionality, like this bean bag below that also works as storage for towels and their old stuffed toys. Teenage bedroom furniture ideas that offer different types of functionality, allow you to take most advantage of the most space in the room.

Stuffed Animal Kid Bean Chair for teenage bedroom


8. Don’t forget lighting fixtures.

Though not entirely part of the “furniture” list, picking lighting fixtures will help enhance the aura of the overall space. Feel free to mix and match quirky chandeliers with colorful fairy lights, recessed lights or whatever makes the room more fun and exciting.


Teenage bedroom furniture ideas



Regardless of the size and space, there’s more to picking the best teenage bedroom furniture ideas than what meets the eye. You can add a hammock or throw in a rug. Wall art and window treatments are also a good idea. In all these, organizing your teens dedicated space must be focused on their own needs and personality– as well as on how to keep them from turning into night owls, a common dilemma at such age.


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