The color turquoise causes us to envision peace and tranquility.  The color conjures up images of the water and sky.  Turquoise can be warm and inviting – beachy, even.  Incorporating this color into a living room can create a very wide-open appearance and add height to small spaces. A turquoise living room can be a great escape for anyone.

Turquoise is also such a fun color to use!  It is so versatile, depending on the complementary colors, a room can be a cool, modern area or a warm beachfront.  The possibilities for color combinations are endless.


Bold, Bright, and Contemporary

turquoise living room

While you may be envisioning a vibrant, energetic room, this look is strangely soothing!  The overall appearance is cool but breezy.  The design has an oddly comforting effect.

Homeowners have elected to do a deep turquoise on an accent wall opposite the couch.  Some have painted in-wall cabinets this bold color, to add to the visual appeal. Others have chosen to paint a door in this vibrant hue for that splash of color.

The other walls are either a seafoam green or a lighter white with a hint of green.  These colors open up the room.

Cream-colored furniture with turquoise pillows enhance the wall colors and enhance the vibrancy of the walls.  Pastel green throws and potted plants add to the appearance.


Taste of San Francisco

A cool bluish turquoise accents these walls.  Cream-colored contemporary chairs balance the coolness of the color and add warmth.  A grass green couch or chaise lounge adds interest to this room.

Long light grayish-blue drapes flow from the windows to create this breath of fresh air from California. Turquoise living room ideas with a San Francisco theme, are also great for other coastal locales.


Anything But Cool Canyons

Three different colors play into this slightly bohemian-inspired room: moss green, varying degrees of brown, and turquoise. The walls are decorated in a creamy beige, while one accent wall is moss green or turquoise.

Clean, minimalistic chairs are upholstered in bright bluish turquoise.  Moss green accent pillows the rest of each chair to tie in the color.

Two couches mimic the color of the walls with four throw pillows on each one: two turquoise and two moss green. The floor has over-top dark wood planking.  A moss green area rug pulls the entire look together.

Curtains incorporating all three colors create a maximum effect.

This design is great for living rooms with a view and large windows.  It brings the outdoors inside.


Chic Modern Turquoise

This look creates a modern, contemporary feel to a living room. A glass turquoise chandelier creates visual interest, and the walls are painted bright, clean white.

Snowy white, 1940’s vintage-style chairs with black stitching create visual interest.  A mixture of turquoise and cream throw pillows enhances the color of the chesterfields.

Alternating white and turquoise curtains flow from the windows.  A white and turquoise striped area rug brings the entire room together.


Classically… Modern?

White walls accented with light bluish-white overstuffed, tufted couches/chairs are involved in this look.  Semi-transparent, cream-colored drapes lie over the horizontal turquoise window coverings.

Medium-colored turquoise pillows create that pop of color on the furniture, preventing the room from looking too cold and sterile.  A white patterned area rug on a mahogany floor adds depth and dimension to this room.


Cooling off in Coldspring Park

An extremely light shade of turquoise paints all four walls and bookcases.  White paint accents the trim creating dimension.

The couch is a slate grey with camel-colored throw pillows.  Armchairs are a mixture of pale yellow and medium brown.

Beige Berber carpeting ties all of the colors together.


New York City Townhouse

Eclectic living rooms can pull off this look!  The walls are painted a medium shade of turquoise green with eggshell white accents.  Black and white matted pictures in a box frame with black borders hang on the walls adding contrast.

Storage spaces such as tables are a dark shade of turquoise- almost a dark aqua- to accent the walls.

The furniture can be whatever you would like it to be.  In this design, there is the pulling together of multiple tastes.


Ocean Inspired Décor

This design is the most fun.  Perfect for beachfront properties, this style brings the outdoors inside.

Seashell paintings with splashes of turquoise decorate the walls.  The accent wall is a dark shade of turquoise, while the other walls are a medium color.

All tables, storage areas, mantles, and furniture are white. You can add one brightly-colored chair for visual appeal with a turquoise pillow to tie it all together. All other chairs should have pillows in a sandy brown color to incorporate that beach feel.

The floor should be a light brown, and a large area rug can bring all of the colors together in perfect harmony. Turquoise living room ideas inspired by the sea are always some of the more popular variety.


Using Turquoise Damask Wallpaper

Turquoise damask wallpaper creates an accent wall, or you can add a turquoise mural that can also be used to good effect. A medium shade of green is preferred for this style.

White accents paint the trim.  Contemporary, clean, minimalistic tables and chairs are white.

The couch has a white base with turquoise cushions.  Light seafoam green throw pillows complete the look.


Just a Pop of Turquoise

turquoise living room with white shelves

Sometimes, all it takes to make a room appear different is a strategically placed pop of color.  Add sheer turquoise drapes to a double French door/window and bright turquoise throw pillows to a white couch to change things up.

For added warmth, use a plush, creamy area rug to tie in all of these elements and add a flair to you turquoise living room.

Turquoise is a beautiful color to add to any room.  The possibilities are endless.  The color can create a cool, calming atmosphere, a vivacious vibrancy, or a relaxing warmth to any living room.

How you chose to incorporate this color depends on individual taste, style, and existing furniture.  Minimalistic styles will want to incorporate more of the cool color combinations mentioned above.  Meanwhile, contemporary looks may require a warmer feel.



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