One of the most disheartening of today’s modern living is the lack of space. From high rise condominium units to apartment complexes, town homes and urban housing accommodations, the struggle in keeping all things you need is truly a challenge. A television is one of those home appliances that every home simply needs. It is a medium for getting in touch with the outside world, as well as for leisure and spending quality family time. When having one is more of a problem than a convenience due to limited space, finding a way to add television in your home requires some creativity. These TV wall decor ideas should come in handy.


TV wall decor ideas




1. James Bond TV Wall Mount

flip out hidden tv mount wall decor ideas


Concealing is what the famed spy does best. This classy TV wall decor solution is one of the most widely used forms in bedrooms, living rooms and even in offices. This television wall mount is usually concealed behind a painting, a photo, or a wall art. It can flip and fold out and can be easily installed. It also has an automated type that allows the TV mount to slide out or move to a certain angle and slip back in a single push of the button. This is great for tight bedrooms, living rooms with fireplace or small offices.

For the artistic lot..


2. Artistic TV Wall Decor

Hidden in cabinet tv wall decor ideas with books and decor


Some homeowners have certain themes to fully harmonize their whole interior space. Sometimes, a television set may rob it of the seemingly artistic quality. To keep a balance of artistry and practicality (you’ll need television at some point or another), this artistically improvised wall mount for TV can truly add drama to your space. To save, convert an unused closet or cabinet and hide your TV in there. This is one of the TV wall decor ideas that are great for people who want to keep things nice and organized.

For prolific do-it-yourselfers..


3. DIY Favorite

Built in bookcase tv wall decor ideas in white with storage shelves


When your home’s square footage is caving in on you, here is a DIY favorite built in cabinet that holds not just your flat screen TV set, but also your books and other knick-knacks and will truly take your breath away. Built in bookcases add a seemingly high-end touch to a home. This is primarily one of the reasons why this type of DIY project is common in many craftsman homes and country style interior design solutions. You have a choice of actually displaying or perhaps, hiding your television unit, too.

Now for the new trend in built-in technology..


4. TV Cabinet Pop Up

Pop up cabinet tv wall decor ideas in livingroom


Many modern homes nowadays rely on pop up designs to save on space. This pop up cabinet though not necessarily attached to the wall, helps allow more space to be saved. Though it can be done by yourself, there are various manufacturers these days that carry this product. It works like the usual sideboard or console complete with storage for various media items, books and knick knacks. With a single touch on a button or a slight push, the concealed television set will pop-up via a motorized lift. This is one of the TV wall decor ideas for more modernized people who enjoy furniture tech.

For a clean look..


5. Minimalist Favorite

Minimalist television in green and white


Minimalist homes rely on clean fluid lines and space-saving solutions. This above-the-bench, no-wire TV wall decor idea will help save square footage while harmonizing the overall design of your living room space. You can mount the television above or on the underside of the bench’s lid. Hide the electric sockets on the wall to give it a clean look.

Dress your fireplace..


6. Cozy Watching

Mantel fireplace television with storage shelves


For homes with non-functional fireplace, try converting it as storage for your television. Fit it into the opening space, hide the wires and cables behind, and add a decorative fire screen to complete the whole look. There is also television lift-cabinets complete with an electric fireplace available today. It allows you to raise the television up the mantle and flip a few degrees for a better angle. Some of these products also carry side storage for CDs and DVDs, cable box, media players and so on.


7. Hole in One Wall

Hole in wall television in modern living room with wood wall


Many homes have walls that divide between two available rooms or spaces. Make good use of such by carving a space for your television set. This will not only save on space, it also allows more creativity on a barren space.

Watching television is one of the ultimate leisurely and family bonding time experiences. Do not let space restrict your chance to enjoy these moments. Have any of these 7 space saving TV wall decor ideas to finally create the happy home of your dreams.



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