The kitchen is the soul of any home and the farmhouse kitchen is no exception. A modern-day farmhouse kitchen should be the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs and ideas, it should also be in sync with the overall farmhouse decor. Modern farmhouse kitchen ideas are a big help to improve the look of your kitchen.

Today’s farmhouse kitchens should ideally have all the amenities of a modern-day kitchen, with a blend of the rural and the urbane, past and present, together with industry-inspired style. It should be both simple yet spacious, warm and welcoming. Some of the key features that resemble a modern farmhouse kitchen include the use of natural materials and neutral colors. Even though white is the foremost choice, but the use of bright colors or pastel shades is gradually gaining popularity.

Most country kitchens draw inspiration from nature, surroundings, and history. The use of wood, barns, vintage artifacts, antiques, scraps, metals, porcelain, ceramics, different types of tiles, etc. is gaining preference in the latest interior decorations.

Creating a dream modern farmhouse kitchen looks to be a tough task, but it is not impossible to prepare one provided we get our basics in place.

Here, we will get to see 50 unique modern farmhouse kitchen ideas and tips that you can replicate in your kitchen today. Hopefully you can use some to change the look of your kitchen.


1. Navy Blue and Grey Cabinet Fronts

navy blue Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with cabinets fronts with plant and sink

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Even though white and wood-treated cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen are quite popular, they are also common and traditional at the same time. Today more bright colors are on offer. One can try out navy blue or grey cabinet fronts. If one wants to lend a bit of unique look and feel, they can also go for a double-toned colored cabinet; for example white over moss green or grey. This brings warmth to a farmhouse kitchen.

Use of a lemon yellow color on the cabinets strikes an elegant charm.

lemon yellow kitchen cabinets fronts with island

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2. Shaker Cabinet

Shaker Cabinet with wood accents in white with Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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Use of shaker cabinets, along with hand-hewed barn beams and white subway tiles, add a relaxed look to the kitchen.


3. Wooden Cabinets

wooden cabinet in kitchen with wood storage shelves

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Wooden kitchen cabinets are an integral part of a farmhouse kitchen. Other than being traditional, it develops an organic patina and over a period of time further conforming to a modern farmhouse look.


4. Painted Glass Cupboard Doors

Painted Glass Cupboard Doors in green and white Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with yellow door

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If we want to add some color to our farmhouse kitchen, then one clear possibility is to have the inside of the glass cupboard doors painted. We can use the same color used to paint the inside of the glass on the background of the shelves to add uniformity. Use pastel shades and soft neutral colors like white, grey, brown, beige, etc. This is one of the easier modern farmhouse kitchen ideas you can do with just a little paint.

White Painted Glass Cupboard Doors with pastel cups and plates

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5. Soft Silver, White & Wood Color Scheme

White and Wood Color kitchen decor

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The use of neutral color shades is one of the signature features in a modern farmhouse kitchen. Neutral color shades along with wooden shelves, stainless steel accessories, knobs and handles, creates a perfect blend, as seen in the picture above.


6. Metal Fixtures

Metal Fixtures kitchen cabinet in kitchen with earthy tones

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Judicious selection of metal fixtures in contrast with backsplash and countertops will provide a unique look to the farmhouse kitchen. Use of copper, bronze and glossy black metal fixtures used for the kitchen sink, faucets and lighting; can take care of the excess use of colors in your kitchen. We should be careful not to use more than two metallic tones while designing.


7. Copper Light Fixtures and Industrial Accents

Copper Light Fixtures and Industrial Accents cabinets in blue and white Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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Industry inspired copper accents help to add some shine to the kitchen. It also lends a metallic look to the interior. Copper accents account for a lot of the modern farmhouse kitchen ideas you’ll come across.

Industry inspired kitchen cabinet with shelves in black

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The use of copper pipeworks provides an urban look and feel to a contemporary farmhouse kitchen.


8. Mix of Metals

Mix of Metals kitchen cabinet in white with shelves

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One should not be afraid to use a mix of metal embellishments in the kitchen. They must take care to see that not more than two-tones are used for interior design.


9. Vibrant color tile backsplash

The current trend is to use concrete backsplash and floor tiles with bright and vibrant colors. The earlier trend of using subway tiles and chevron styles in neutral colors, is out of the way. Even the most commonly used tile backsplash of white and grey in contemporary farmhouse kitchens, can also be replaced with the right blend of colors, patterns, and textures.

Vibrant color tile backsplash kitchen cabinet with large open window

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10. Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned Floor Tiles in bright kitchen in green

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If you are in love with patterns and are inspired by them, then you can use patterned tile flooring. It also helps to move away from the very common and traditional flooring using wood.


11. Wall Art

wall art in kitchen

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Selecting the right work of art will lend a lot of character to your farmhouse kitchen. One has to be careful of the size of the art they choose depending on the space available in the kitchen. The art palate should not consist of bright colors as it might divert the view of the visitor from the other accessories and adornments in the kitchen.


12. Open Shelves

open shelves in kitchen with metal countertop and wood accents

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Open shelves tend to free up more space in the kitchen. Mostly used to keep crockery in, it helps to open up space on the the kitchen countertops. Big, rustic open shelves made of unpolished wood adds to the vintage farmhouse look, but one can use bright colors of choice to paint the shelves too. Filling up these shelves with plates and dishes in contrast colors, makes it worth watching.


13. Colorful Walls

colorful walls with blue cabinets

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Even though white and light-colored walls help to highlight the traditional look and feel of a farmhouse kitchen, one can move away from the rustic look and make use of colored walls for some variety. The wall color should be chosen after one has already decided upon the color of the cabinets, the tiles, and the countertops. Once these are decided, then the choice of color to match it is easy. Delicate pastel shades are favorites.


14. Ceiling Color

Copper on ceiling with hanging lights

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The use of an appropriate ceiling color could also make a difference to the look of your farmhouse kitchen. One should be careful to choose the correct shade for the ceiling, for example; if you want to keep your walls white or light in color, then a bright ceiling color option will actually be a highlight of your kitchen. A light pastel shade could be an answer to bright colored walls and tiles.


15. Terra-cotta tiles

Terra cotta tiles with books and shelving in white cabinets

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The use of terracotta tiles for flooring adds a new dimension, while keeping the country look and feel intact.


16. Morrocan Tiles

Moroccan style tiled backsplash in large kitchen with storage and hanging pots

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The use of Morrocan tiles provides some really inspirational designs to the modern farmhouse kitchen decor. This creates some unique backdrops when used as a backsplash. This is one of the more unique modern farmhouse kitchen ideas you can apply to your kitchen.

Morrocan Tiles with blacksplash and open cabinets

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The tiles are also used to create a variety of floor designs.


17. Beadboard Ceiling

Bead Board Ceiling with white cabinets and island with plant

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If you need to do a quick ceiling job and at the same time don’t want to spoil the beauty of your kitchen, then the use of  beadboard wallpaper will do the job.


18. Wood Flooring

wood flooring with island shelving and large island Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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Wood flooring is an integral part of a modern farmhouse kitchen. Wood flooring in continuity with the rest of the room floors is the farmhouse idea that adds to the visual effect.


19. Beadboard Panels

Beadboard Panels with sink and plants

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One of the main features in a contemporary farmhouse kitchen is the use of traditional materials on the top of old furniture. The use of beadboard panels to refurbish old cabinets, gives a refreshing look.


20. Rustic Texture

Rustic Texture in kitchen with white cabinets

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Use of brick finish walls, peel and stick wooden countertops, vinyl wallpaper and industry-inspired glossy black metal pendants, provides a rustic outlook to the kitchen. It is also easy on the pocket.


21. Period Lighting

period lighting with wood flooring and wood accent shelves

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No modern farmhouse is complete without the use of period lighting. It adds up to the vintage and traditional look of a farmhouse kitchen.


22. Bold Pendant Lighting

bold pendent lighting in white kitchen with black shades

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Proper use of lighting can give a striking charm and feel to the modern farmhouse kitchen. Bold pendant lighting can lend that look and feel, while also adding to the style quotient.


23. Use of Shiplap

Use of Shiplap in dark wood kitchen

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If you want to keep the rural touch to your kitchen intact, then the proper use of shiplap on the ceiling and the wall cabinets, creates a much needed difference. Moreover, it creates a unique texture.


24. Retro Style

retro style kitchen with wood shelving

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The use of retro style could be a completely new alternative when it comes to contemporary farmhouse kitchen decor. Retro style, along with black kitchen cabinets, white subway tile backsplash, open wood shelves, and red metal stools adds a lot of variety.


25. Retro Flooring

retro flooring in white kitchen with white cabinetry

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If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend a hefty sum on flooring, then one can use commercial grade vinyl sheet flooring to give retro charm.


26. Skirted Cabinets

skirted cabinets with island and lighting

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If you want to add a touch of fabric to your kitchen decor then you can use it to cover up the cabinet panels. This design is also very close to a country kitchen.


27. Blue and White Linen Curtains

Blue and White Linen Curtains with storage shelves with dishes

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Simple blue and white cotton dress material can be used as curtains to cover the lower wood paneled cabinets. It blends well with real wood open shelves, granite countertops, and white backsplash. This provides a fancy yet country look to the kitchen.


28. Brick Backsplash

Brick Backsplash with black cabinets and stove top

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To keep the country feel intact, there is no better backdrop than a traditional brick backsplash. Add black cabinetry and metal fixtures to it and the whole thing really stands out.


29. Glazing Cabinets

Glazing Cabinets in white kitchen

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Use of glaze on the kitchen cabinets generally adds depth and color to the final outcome and it less expensive in comparison to painted cabinets. It provides gentle warmth to the surroundings.


30. Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops in white kitchen with brick fireplace

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Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity and this is much applicable in the case of modern farmhouse kitchen decorations. The use of concrete countertops or smooth quartz is a new trend. If it is of a dark shade, then the use of light-colored or a white cabinet will act as a contrast, while a light shade concrete top will get highlighted against a navy blue or white cabinetry.


31. Porcelain Sink

Porcelain Sink in kitchen with light and plant

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If you have a vintage wooden cabinet then a porcelain sink will be the right fit for it. It can be also used with a country wood sink stand. If used with traditional wooden cabinetry and against white walls in the background, it creates an old-world charm.


Double hanging Barn Door Food Pantry

Double hanging Barn Door Food Pantry

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If you want to hide your overstuffed pantry and at the same time make the best use of the limited space, then the use of a double hanging raw barn wood door is a great blessing. It will be of greater benefit if these barn doors can slide against each other.


32. Barnyard Picket Window Shutters

Barnyard Picket Window Shutters in white near sink

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If you want to retain the rustic look of your kitchen and at the same time want to let the maximum amount of natural light in, then you can use simple shuttered doors for the windows. Use of hinges in between the shutters help to partially or completely withdraw them, letting in just the right amount of sunlight that you require. The color of the shutter doors should ideally be in white or of a light shade.


33. Dark Wood Work Bench Kitchen Island

Dark Wood Work Bench Kitchen Island

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Your kitchen might require a little lift. This is especially true in case it has complete white cabinetry, window, backsplash and door panels. This could be sorted out by the use of a dark wood bench in the middle of the kitchen used for cutting purposes. We have to keep in mind that the floor tiles and countertop should be either white or of neutral color shade. This is one the modern farmhouse kitchen ideas that can be used to create more surface space in the kitchen.


34. Chicken Wire Cupboard Door Fronts

Chicken Wire Cupboard Door Fronts with plates and bowls

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If you are planning to do something different with your cupboard door fronts in the kitchen, then chicken wire can be of good use. Patterns could be created with the chicken wire and fitted between the cupboard panels. This will help to display the crockery, cans, and jars used to store different cooking ingredients. The design looks chic with white shelves and background.


35. Plantation’s Bounty Display Shelves

Painted Glass Cupboard Doors in green and white kitchen

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If you have the knack for artistry then you can make perfect use of your open shelves to display your yield. It will bring a sense of delight to the eyes of the host and visitors alike.


36. Ceramic Mason Jar Storage Set

Ceramic Mason Jar Storage Set

Source :

Ceramic jar sets of different shapes and sizes painted a fresh coat of white and black lids as contrast can blend very well with an all-white background. A porcelain sink to added to it will make it look even more charming. Modern farmhouse kitchen ideas such as this one are not hard or expensive to achieve.


37. Galvanized Metal Cutlery and Linens Caddy

Galvanized Metal Cutlery and Linens Caddy

Source :

If you are striving to go green and minimize the use of paper in your farmhouse kitchen, then a galvanized metal basket could be an ideal accessory to keep your essentials like cutlery sets and cloth napkins. This takes care of your headache to arrange the dinner table.


38. Storage Drawers from farmer’s market crate

Storage Drawers from farmers market crate with fruits and vegetables

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If you are generally inspired to create utility items from scrap materials, this one is for you. This is an innovative use of an empty farmer’s market crate to build drawers to store fresh vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. It provides a unique and out-of-the-box solution.


39. Barn Door

barn door in Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with wood flooring and island

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If you want your farmhouse kitchen to blend in with a village environment you can think of lending a vernacular character to it. A modern way of doing so is to have a barn door to enter the kitchen.


40. Antique Rake Wineglass Holder

Antique Rake Wineglass Holder

Source :

If you are a fan of wine dining and looking at an elegant and fashionable way to display your wine glasses, then an antique steel rake holder is just what you could be looking for. What you now need is to find that corner or that suitable space in the kitchen that will address your storage worries.


41. Dutch Door

Dutch Door in white kitchen with decor

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If you have a kitchen garden to boast of, then it is worth it to have a Dutch door leading up to the garden, where you frequently collect your fresh organic yield.


42. Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed Wood Beams in Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with large lamps and wood flooring

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The use of exposed wood beams is one of the modern-day architecture ideas that has been inspired by the barn style. It adds to the splendor of the place and makes great utilization of this naturally available material. Exposed wooden beams adorning the ceiling, use of barn wood in all furniture and cabinets in the kitchen enhances the rustic look. A light coat of paint almost exposing the raw wooden material behind provides a nostalgic feel to it.

Here are some more images of exposed wooden beams in farmhouse kitchen decorations.

inviting kitchen designs with exposed wooden beams and storage

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kitchen designs with exposed wooden beams in rustic kitchen with wood accents

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designs with exposed wooden beams in white kitchen and decor

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inviting kitchen designs exposed wooden beams

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43. Honeycomb Tiles in A Farmhouse Kitchen

Honeycomb Tiles in Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with shelves sink and decor

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Use of honeycomb tiles on the walls of the kitchen creates a unique wall pattern. If we are planning to use wooden shelves, countertops, and utensils then you have to be careful in choosing the shade of the tile. A neutral shade or a light pastel shade will blend well with the wooden finish and will give the desired look. This is a good example of a mix of traditional and contemporary.


44. Butcher Block Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Butcher Block Farmhouse Kitchen Table with plants

Source :

A butcher block table at the center of the kitchen is a key feature in modern farmhouse kitchens. It helps to dress up the kitchen countertop. The price of a butcher block depends upon its size, material, and type. The user can decide how much they are willing to spend depending upon the budget in-hand. Butcher blocks always give a vintage feeling which could be highlighted by the correct use of kitchen accessories.


45. Classic Wood and White

Classic Wood and White with decor furniture and dining table Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Source :

All white is a common feature in a modern farmhouse kitchen design. It suits many who likes the look and feel of a white surrounding which lends a calm to the kitchen. Use of wood in its natural form, color, and texture further enhances the mix of the old and the new. If you are an antique lover then decorating with some vintage materials will further establish the calming effect.


46. Low Beam Farmhouse Kitchen

Low Beam Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with lighting and wood flooring

Source :

If you have low beams in your kitchen then make sure to utilize it properly with pendant lights and shades of different materials and shapes. The selection of the lamps should be ideally kept for the end once everything else is in place, so that it blends easily with the surrounding decor and provides the exact lighting required. Lighting and low beams are great modern farmhouse kitchen ideas that go together well.


47. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting with island and shelf storage

Source :

If not properly used then lighting can make or break the whole ambiance of the kitchen. Lighting is an important aspect of today’s farmhouse kitchens. Whether we use transparent hanging lamps, metal pendants, ceiling lights, mountings or chandeliers, proper illumination is of prime essence.


48. Mid-Century Farmhouse Kitchen

Mid Century Farmhouse Kitchen with flowers and island

Source :

If you’re planning a mid-century look for your kitchen, then you need to combine the traditional country style with today’s contemporary look and feel. The use of stainless steel hardware, predominantly white background, backsplash, and cabinetry with polished wood countertops, work well together. It adds to the brightness of the surrounding


49. Decorative Wood Braces

Decorative Wood Braces in white Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with metal accents

Source :

The use of wood braces and brackets as support systems, is quite popular in modern-day farmhouse kitchens. Other than proving support to open shelves, raised cabinets, and countertops, it also adds to the architectural value. We can see an example of X-brace support in the picture above.


50. Nordic Style

nordic style Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with wood accents and lighting

Source :

The Nordic style or Scandinavian design of interiors, is known for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality which came into being during the early 20th century. The style form peaked during the 1950s especially in the Nordic nations of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. The obvious choice of color in a Nordic kitchen is white, which actually comes from the color of the harsh winter conditions. Moreover, white color became the obvious choice as it maximized the available sunlight and brought cheer into the lives of the Scandinavians.



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