Are you looking for new home décor inspiration? Get into the groove of the 60s with noteworthy vintage living room decor ideas infused with modern chic charm. From super elegant Breakfast In Tiffany-esque ideas to eclectic Amalie-esque vintage decorating style, creating your own brand of old charm is definitely an exciting proposition. To get you started, here are some vintage living room decor ideas to give your living room a vintage-y lift.


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1. Consider the “not-so-bold” yet sophisticated approach

Many believed that vintage living rooms must always come with over-the-top, bold-as-you-can color schemes. Well, not everyone thinks the same way. Consider soft pastel colors like pale pinks, plush violets, or airy blues. Mix and match with other tones that clash with this color palette to fully enjoy a daring yet interesting feel. Of course, going floral amid blues and pinks like the wallpaper below from Chinoiserie truly makes a magical vintage-y look.

Fine Decor 2900 40768 Chinoiserie Wallpaper in living room decor


2. Go geometric or bare-naked on walls

Another idea to give vintage pizzazz to a living room is by using geometric prints or by simply exposing those brick walls reminiscent of the 1960s. Geometric patterns were all the rage during mid-century. Some may choose bold geometry while others go for subtle pastels. If not a lover of geometric design, using the “exposed” look like the wallpaper below will make a great easel for your vintage-artistic living room. Vintage living room decor ideas such as this one are always popular.

Brewster Brick White Peel And Stick Wallpaper for vintage living room


3. Get space-y

Or better yet, create a statement look in your living area. Simply add retro living room furniture pieces like this Runtz ball chair below from Amazon which doubles as a child’s chair or as an ottoman.

Safco Products 4756BV Runtz Chair in orange

This mid-century loveseat furniture below also adds a classy and vintage look yet with a modern twist. Vibrant yet traditional, it adds an extra element to your living room style and comfort level to help gather the overall design of your space.

Century Colorful Fabric Loveseat Colors in blue


4. Let there be lights!

Mid-century living is all about pendant lights. To honor the look, consider choosing a classic design such as these creative wine bottle pendant lights. They add needed illumination and an overall feel for your living space.

Pendant Industrial Colorful Creative Multi colored wine bottle lights


5. Have a mini-bar handy

The 60s and the mid-century was all about socialization. So homes tended to have wine racks or cupboards right up in their living rooms to hold their selection of spirits. To save on space in today’s modern day living, adding a drink trolley like this one below makes it more practical, particularly when you regularly host dinner parties for friends or family.

Tidy Living Antique Serving Removable Mini Bar as living room decor idea


6. Pick a humble stencil design

Revamp an old living room into one that’s oozing with old sophisticated look. Get creative and experiment with stencil designs. This Martha Stewart Craft Vintage Decor Stencil will help convert bland furniture or walls into something beautiful and captivating.

Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage stencil 33561 for living room decor


7. Make good use of quirky yet elegant art and fabrics

Creating an old yet inviting atmosphere can be done with your choice of curtains, cushion and throw pillow covers, rugs, coffee table runners and so on. Artwork also adds a sense of character and individuality into your space. When choosing, go for large and bold patterns to boost the whole old charmed look. These Dahlia themed throw pillow covers from CaliTime which come in various shades, can complement your living room space awesomely. Vintage living room decor ideas that use vintage fabrics are always a great option.

CaliTime Cushion Covers Pillow Burgundy in living room


8. Get into the details

Take time to add more pizzazz to your overall vintage living room decorative design via little details that spell so much. An old refurbished clock, decorative ceramic jars, or this kitschy handheld phone below will definitely sizzle. As always, it is the smaller items that always give that grand effect to a living room’s overall look and feel.

LNC Ceramic Vintage Antique Telephone in white for living room


9. Upcycle your furniture

Low on budget yet high on vintage living room ideas? Why not spruce up your current furniture. Bring new life to old worn out pieces. Sand it. Paint and varnish it. Make it complement your choice of color palette to complete the look. An old trunk made as coffee table, for instance, will give a lot of interest to your space. Vintage living room decor ideas that can bring furniture back to life, are always a money saver.

Seward Trunk College Footlocker SWD5120 10 in orange for living room


10. Breathe life into your room

Plants and floral pieces were quite popular in those bygone eras. Also, you can add low maintenance potted plants to the design. Make sure to choose mess-free succulents which thrive even without you having to tend to them every single day. Not only will it please the eye, but those succulents will also help improve air quality in your living space.

Vintage living room decor ideas in white room



There is no limit to what you can do to uplift your living space. These vintage living room decor ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning a revamp in your current home design. With patience, creativity and a lot of passion, you can finally create a living room that exudes old elegance and charm.



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