Retro is in… as you’d find in most in trend home decor books and blogs. And naturally, you’d also want to incorporate the same in your home. The bathroom used to be a room that was only functional – and for the most part kept out of the eyes of your guests. But you have to agree that even guests need to use it sometimes. So when you are putting so much thought into the rest of the decor, why give the bathroom a miss? And to remedy that, we have brought you 8 Vintage style bathroom design ideas. See any you love?



Vintage style bathroom design ideas in white

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#1: This first idea bespeaks tranquility with whites and creams dominating. And this also channels the retro sophistication with panache. The light wood floor only adds to the whole look. As with the look here, you can pick some retro prints with subtle color for the upholstery and linen to break the monotony.


Vintage style bathroom with metal tub and decor

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#2: In the olden days, bathrooms didn’t exactly look like the bathrooms of today. They more closely resembled normal rooms, with tables, and basins, and maybe a tub. Also, as with other rooms, you’d expect wallpaper and attention to light fixtures. All that is present in this look. Sometimes vintage style bathroom design ideas are very simple, non complex designs.


Vintage claw foot tub and shower in gray bathroom

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#3: Clawfoot tubs were all the rage in the era gone by. They added regal style, and also firmly kept the tub off the floor. And going for a retro style tub – with other accessories and furniture to match can be another idea. Here the centerpiece would be the tub – holding pride of place. You’d then slowly do up the rest of the bathroom around it.


Vintage tub with photo wall design ideas and pictures

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#4: To expand on the bathroom that looks like a room theme, here is another example of vintage style bathroom design ideas, that you can incorporate. If damp isn’t a problem you will be having, then a photo wall – with particularly retro style photos, can serve as a great backdrop. Also the rest of the bathroom too is furnished much like an attic room.


Vintage sink in bathroom design ideas

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#5: Now let’s look at something very different. This idea seems perfect for a quaint little cottage somewhere by the sea – and you could incorporate it even in your modern home… It has a very rustic feel to it with all the wooden furniture having the driftwood look to them. And the white walls provide the perfect frame to these pieces.


Art work in vintage style bathroom ideas

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#6: Think vintage and you need to also consider the era when people were just making it into the cities, and into urban set ups. The bathrooms were gaining in importance, but they hadn’t yet reached their current form. That would be one room where people didn’t want to dedicate too much space to, and didn’t want to spend too much money on either. You could expect exposed bricks. And this one takes that idea and glorifies it into essentially a modern bathroom, but with a vintage feel.


Gray vintage bathroom with wood floors

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#7: Here is another bathroom that is very vintage – and completely the antithesis of the last one. Here as you can see there is expensive furnishings, a deep rich color to the walls, and so much space! IF you live in a house that affords you this much space for the bathroom, by all means you can work on such a design. It is sure to become the talk of your circle!


Blue and white vintage bathroom

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#8: This last example of vintage style bathroom design ideas almost looks like a fairytale bathroom – but it is vintage, nevertheless. What you should also notice that by being unobtrusive about it, it actually fits in the modernistic glass shower room quite organically into the design. And therefore, this is a good vintage style bathroom for those who are short on space, and want a functionally modern space nevertheless.


Now that you have seen our 8 Vintage style bathroom design ideas, we are sure you’ve found the much needed inspiration, if not an exact design. But before you choose, always take stock of how much space you have, what you can afford – and the problem of damp. The bathroom can be a tricky place to furnish, but with the right precautions and help, it should be fairly problem-free!



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