Walk in showers are quite in, and why would they not be – they are a lot more convenient, after all. Most of us would like to have a bathroom that is dry throughout the day – and a walk in shower means that the room stays dry for the whole time.  Also, being enclosed areas, they are much easier to keep clean. Now, having understood that, a walk in shower is what many people do want to install in their shower rooms and bathrooms, we have brought you these walk in shower ideas to give you an idea of what you can choose from!



Walk in shower ideas used in lighter colored bathroom

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#1: The first idea is also the most common one – go for a glass walk in shower. These are like small enclosures with glass all around. No they do not offer too much privacy, so you need to be alone in the bathroom. But they do look lovely! And no need to install extra lighting in the shower area.


Walk in glass shower idea for dark stone bathroom

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#2: The first glass shower took up a section of the bathroom and cut it off to make the shower. This is not always a good idea, especially if you have a small bathroom, and in case you do not have the necessary alcove. But this glass shower idea can work in any bathroom space!


Glass shower room in brown bathroom using walk in shower ideas

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#3: Some people also make glass shower rooms by making the most of a corner that would otherwise go unused – as seen here. The tiling on the inner wall only adds to the look of the shower room. It draws the eyes to the spectacular looking walk in shower!



Stone walled shower areas in bathroom

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#4: Another kind of walk in showers that are slowly making an appearance is stone walled shower areas. Here the shower area is actually sectioned off by stone or wall – giving you both your own space as well as some much needed privacy. And here, while the area does get sectioned off – there is no complete door to shut. In this one, you can see that the shower is located within a recess, and a separate ‘path’ leads to it – a lot like in a gym. This is one of the walk in shower ideas that would take a little more work to install.


Stone walled walk in shower ideas

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#5: Speaking of stone walled walk in showers, here’s another fascinating idea. This not only allows you to section off the shower, but also creates opportunity for creating some unique design elements in your bathroom. This one is actually intricate in architecture alone. It lends a separate old world charm and appeal to the shower!


Tiled modern walk in shower ideas with outside tub

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#6: If you have a small bathroom, and one that you and your partner probably often use together, then here is a novel idea. This shower is not only walk in, but also very much shielded from the eyes. Also, the design is pleasantly modernistic and simplistic – something that may strike a chord if you have a similar sensibility in design! More modern walk in shower ideas like this one are becoming more popular by the day.


Stone and glass bathroom walk in shower ideas

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#7: This one actually incorporates the stone and the glass theme. No there is no glass here – but the glass look tiles create the feel, and the stone acts as the real barrier for the water. In such a walk in shower, though, the tiling is crucial if the whole thing needs to look well put together and soothing to the eyes, as is the case here.


Modern colonial white bathroom shower

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#8: On the other hand, if you have a pretty large bathroom area, you can actually try out more intricate architectural elements, and this would include a different walk in shower. In this modern yet colonial style bathroom, you can just see some such elements at play. Notice the way the walk in shower has been conceptualized and executed.


Rustic bathroom shower

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#9: Now here’s what you would call a rustic idea. It is primarily the tiles that create the rustic feel – but the design too is not bad. Quite a simple design, yet one that can be quite functional as well. Simplistic walk in shower ideas work just as well as the more complicated ones. It all depends on your preference.


Curtains used in brown bathroom with walk in shower

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#10: And now for our last design idea. Here you have the enclosure like with the others, but instead of a wall or a glass panel sectioning it off, they’ve used curtains to create the cozy sectioned off feel. The overall effect is quite quaint and executable in most bathrooms.


Walk in showers can add a great stylistic element to any bathroom, in addition to being functional. And these 10 walk in shower ideas convey that perfectly. But yes, do keep in mind that the look of the shower should fit in with the rest of your home in some way or the other!



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