Painting is an easy and budget-friendly way to update one’s space. A fresh color of paint is all you need to add more drama and flair to a seemingly dreary room. It also enhances the ambiance of the overall space. However, one often ends up with a lot of leftovers—and you can’t just dump them down the drain! Not only is paint hazardous to health, it can also cause adverse effects to the environment leading to contamination. When thinking of disposing, here are creative ways to use leftover paint.



1. Furniture Medley

ways to use leftover paint


Add some sunshine-y feel to your patio or even your living area by repurposing old furniture with a fresh coat of paint. You can match fabrics and paint color to generate a harmonious vibe. Bright colors can also add more life to a boring corner seat. This old rattan chair above is spray painted with powder blue leftover paint to add balance to the patio.


2. Merry Tree Stumps

White painted tree stump furniture in living room as ways to use leftover paint


One of the creative ways to use leftover paint, is by painting tree stumps used as coffee table. These low tables are a great addition to living rooms as they don’t take up that much space. All it needs is a fresh coat of enamel applied to the sides. Varnish the top and voila!


3. Canned Wine Rack

Canned Wine Rack in red in kitchen


Got both leftover cans and paint? Why not make a DIY wine rack? Simply paint those soup or milk cans with your choice of color, glue them altogether, and voila! You now have a canned wine rack which you can easily place on your kitchen tabletop.


4. Color Me Light

Painted hanging light in blue green and white as ways to use leftover paint


Customize each room’s lamp with leftover paint that complements the current color scheme. There is simply nothing that high gloss paint cannot transform to make a room more put together. You may also recycle wooden bushel baskets, paint them with your choice of leftover materials—all to create a pendant lantern.


5. Oil Drums Dress Up

Oil Drums Dress Up in green


Rev up your outdoor barbecue grill patio with this dressed up oil drum. Simply paint it with your choice of leftover paint. Add a sturdy yet not-so-heavy countertop and faucet to recreate a movable sink. This truly adds a creative sense to an outdoor space.


6. Woody-Artsy Wall

Woody Artsy Decor on Wall


House repairs often leave scraps of wood. With another creative way to use leftover paint, up your sleeves, you can once again turn these scraps into something useful, like wall art. It’s going to be time-consuming but the results can be truly astounding. You can create a whole wall or divide it into 3 or 4 sections to add some style.


7. Alice In Wonderland Staircase

Alice In Wonderland Staircase in home


Don’t you want to ascend or descend in style? Then, this statement staircase is definitely a great enhancement to your current abode. Simply mask-off with painter’s tape on each tread. Paint each with different colors of semi-glossy paints to recreate these steps. Be mindful of the room’s color scheme to ensure balance.


8. Serve With Style

diy tray spray painted coasters in drawer


Got scrap of woods, plywood or birch? Why not make a DIY custom tray. Take all the trivets and coasters then, color them with your leftover paint. An unassuming drawer pull can become fancier when the wooden tray is played with color. This also includes trivets and coasters for drinks or boards for tapas or mini hors d’oeuvres.


9. Garden Fever

Painted garden fence with plants


Give your garden beds a facelift. One of the creative ways to use leftover paints as well as wood scraps, is to make a mini-fence for your garden beds. Simply paint these wood scraps and you’ve got an awesome garden that harmonizes with outdoor wall paint.


10. Key and Mail Rack

Light blue Key and Mail Rack


Make good use of your DIY skills by making this key and mail rack. A few scrap of woods and some carpentry skills as well as a fresh coat of paint—these are all it takes to make this key-and-mail rack rock. This one can also be used as a coat or umbrella hanger.


Paint Others Red

There is no limit to the creative ways to use leftover paint. You can also donate it for a loftier cause, like to a local elementary school for their art project or for a friend’s home, which badly needs a fresh coat of paint. There are also disposal locations who accept them as donations for free housing projects, like that of Habitat for Humanity. The idea is to not just toss them away like waste. So, the next time you plan for a makeover, do make sure to get a good estimate of your paint needs to eliminate leftovers.



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