A beautiful deck adds to the beauty of a great backyard. The deck can be used for any kind of social or family gathering, to enjoy a barbeque and fire pits as per your climate. If you have such a place and have already decided that you will install one deck, then you probably have made the best decision regarding the utility, as well as the decoration of your house. Now you might be wondering about the labor costs to build a deck. Well, this varies due to various reasons, starting from the material of the deck to be used, to the number of accessories you are going to add to your deck.


Estimated cost to build a deck

Outdoor deck with steps and furniture

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As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to figure out the exact amount regarding the construction of a deck, still, you can get a rough idea to start the work.

A typical 80 square foot area will cost you around 1500 dollars to 3000 dollars, subject to various equipment used in the process. Similarly, if you want to have a deck of 100 square feet, then the budget may vary from 2000 dollars to 3500 dollars. Similarly, the price will go up based on if you keep on increasing the size of the deck.


Labor costs to build a deck

Apart from the items, materials, and accessories, the major cost that is involved here, is the labor cost. It comprises a good amount of the total cost. In general, the labor cost for building a deck ranges from 10 dollars to 20 dollars per square foot, depending on various factors. For example, if your deck is a big size or you want to use special materials in your deck, then the labor cost will go up. It also depends on the condition of that particular area as well as on additional features like stairs, built-in seating, etc.



Factors in calculating the cost of building a deck

Primarily, the cost of building a deck depends largely on the size as well as on the complexity of the deck. If you want to build a two-story deck, then obviously the cost will increase. Further, design style, material, and foundation requirements also contribute to cost.


Costs one by one:



What is the Labor Costs to build a Deck

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The average cost of material in developing a deck happens to be in the range of 20 dollars to 50 dollars per square foot. You can choose from three major types of materials – wood, plastic, and composite. A pressure-treated wood deck can cost around 15 to 20 dollars per square foot. In most cases, pressure-treated wood is used nowadays to build the decks. Fabrication is done on the wood to fight against insects and other risky elements.

If you want to have a complete wood deck, then obviously it will cost more. Wood decks are not only attractive in look, but also popular due to their durability. You need to maintain it with regular cleaning, but it always adds an aesthetic value to your house. You can use bamboo, cedar or redwood or even tigerwood, to build your deck based on your capability. Out of all, bamboo decks are the most cost-effective, while tigerwood is the most expensive one.

sanding down the deck

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Talking about material, apart from wood, there are plastic and composite decks. You need to spend between 30 to 40 dollars per square foot for these and you can choose Trex decking also, which has become popular very recently as an alternative to wood.



What is the Labor Costs to build a Deck

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The size of the deck contributes a lot when it comes to calculating the estimated cost of the deck. Labor cost to build a deck also depends largely on the size of the deck you are installing. If the deck is of a small 10×10 size, then you need less material. The labor charge will be less due to the smaller area. But, if you are planning for a big 16 feet by 20 feet deck, then obviously you need more material and time. The labor charge will increase accordingly.


Type and Design

The design of a deck is equally important. If you choose complex designs including railing, multiple levels, additional stories, and other things, then your labor and overall cost will increase accordingly.



Deck in suburban area

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You need a good foundation for your deck. This is especially true if you plan to put on additional weight, in the form of a hot tub, then the structure should be different. The concrete footings must be very strong and in the case of raised decks, you need to have additional beams for security. But if you plan to have small decks attached to your home, then the cost will be much less.



Additional Cost & Special Considerations

Once you start working, many additional costs can come up one by one. It can be in the form of deck skirting or even a roof. Let’s check those possibilities:


Demolition of Existing Deck

Stone deck with chairs and firepit

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If you already have a deck that is beyond repair or repairing it will cost more than the new one, then it is always advisable to demolish it. In some cases, the base may be reused but whatever work you perform on the existing one, it will be a costly affair. The labor charge will go up based on the additional assignments.


Deck Skirting

Deck with black railings and chairs

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If you have a raised deck, then skirting is the best way to cover up the space. You can use materials like metal, wood, lattice, or even vinyl sheet to develop the skirting. Stone veneer will be the costliest affair, whereas lattice is economical. Based on the material you used in deck skirting as well as depending on size and complexity, labor charges will vary accordingly.

This is all about labor costs to build a deck. As mentioned earlier, the exact amount can’t be calculated unless the material, size, design, and accessories are finalized. But, overall, the labor charge contributes a good amount, next to materials and accessories. You need to find the best person who can build your deck, while also taking into consideration all safety and security measures.



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