Walk in closets are ones that rule the storage systems of lots of peoples homes, and in recent times they are highly desirable and also considered luxurious. If you design a walk in closet well, then it will bring a type of heaven into your home. For that, walk in closet sizes are a very important consideration. This includes everything, such as bar height, shelf height, depth, and so on. You need to design it properly so that it will give a rich look to your home, by creating more space. If you are planning to make space for a walk in closet, then this article will help you to understand everything about walk in closet sizes.


What is a walk in closet?

A walk in closet is similar to a normal closet where you will get enough space for storing things or clothes. The walk-in closet is highly customizable and if you want to get a perfect walk-in closet for your room, the dimensions will play an important role.

In most cases, you will have the hanging space and shelves on two or three sides of the wall, and you should leave 3 feet of space in the middle for the movement of the area.


Dimensions of a walk in closet:

Walk in closet sizes are available in three common ratios, small and square, long and narrow with double hanging space, and large with free walking space. The typical size of a walk in closet will be 5 feet by 7 feet and even you can go to 7 feet by 10 feet.


Hanging space

The hanging space is the most important one in a walk-in closet, as this is where the clothes are hung on hangers supported by a rod. A comfortable width will be 24 inches and the depth will be 20 inches.

In the hanging space, there will be two types of hanging height, half-hanging height for the tops, shirts, folded trousers, and full-hanging height for dresses and long coats. For the half-height, the size will be 3 feet 6 inches and for the full-height, the size will be 5 feet 6 inches.


Shelves and drawers

Depending on where you keep the shelves and drawers, either below or above the hanging rod, the dimension may vary. In most cases, the depth will be 2 inches and if you want to inhibit your own space then you can increase the depth of the shelves which can be 12 inches.

When it comes to the shelves and drawers, the shelves should be adjustable and the height of the drawer should not be more. The one thing to keep in mind is that if you place the drawer above the eye height then it will become useless, as you can’t see what is inside the drawers. This may not affect you as much if you are a taller person.


Dressing space

Some people will look for a dressing space inside the walk-in closet, and if you are planning for such a thing, then you need a minimum space of 4 to 3 feet. 3 feet is usually used in the retail shops and you can even go for 4 feet, so that you will get enough space to sit and bend beyond, to put on your shoes.





Single-sided walk in closet

Single-sided walk in closet

These closets are the smallest type of closets and they come with a single storage wall along with an internal clearance space. These walk in closet sizes depth will be 4 feet by 5 feet and it will save more space. Here, you can use a mirror or wall-mounted hook for additional storage space.


Double-sided walk in closet

Double-sided walk in closet

This double-sided closet is considered a mid-size closet and it has two walls that are split by an interior clearance space. The width of such a closet will vary between 6 and 6.5 inches and here you will get space for two sets of comfortable hanger rods.


Island walk-in closet

Island closet

In the island walk in closet, you will get a central island in the form of a bench, dresser, work spacer, or seat. You will have sufficient movable space, and the circulation dimension will be 3 inches. Here, the user will find enough space to move around, access items, and get dressed.


Peninsula walk-in closet

Peninsula walk-in closet

These are the open-plan closets and the closet is split into two zones by a central peninsula element. This type of closet is found in master bedrooms and it will maintain visual spaciousness. The minimum width will be 13 inches and you should maintain 36 inches around the central peninsula.


Wrap around walk-in closet

Wrap around closet

These types of closets will use the back wall of the closet, along with the sidewall which will maximize the space. Here you will get maximized storage space and even you can have L or U-shaped layouts. The standard depth of such a closet will be 24 inches and the minimum width will be 5 inches.



Tips to follow while designing your walk in closet:

  • The double rod is one of the most efficient and focused elements of the closet, and the average size is typically 40 inches and 80 inches from the ground
  • If you prefer the single rod for the walk-in closet then the standard size will be 72 inches, which is a good height. You can add any shelves above the single rod to maximize the space
  • Make a separate rack, especially for your shoes or else your entire closet will filled with different footwear
  • If you are planning for a 4 feet wide walk-in closet, then you will get a storage area on one side, and for a 6 feet wide walk-in closet you will get extra space on all the three walls


Bottom Line:

The most preferred and average size of the walk-in closet is at least 7 by 10 feet and it is preferably 100 square feet total, for two users. These types of walk-in closet sizes will offer you plenty of space for shelves, cubbies, poles, and also elbow room. You can easily access the closet and also allow enough space in the middle for more convenience.



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