Want a bathroom that has the ambience of a relaxing spa? Soothing atmosphere, calming color combinations, ambient lighting, harmonious display of decor and accessories—these are just some of the common elements that make a Zen bathroom one of the most wished for. This is where our 10 Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom come in.


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Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom with black tile

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When you wish to peel away the stress nudging your mind and body, creating a relaxing bathroom does not really have to be mind boggling. All it takes are subtle touches and perfectly thought of interior decor and accessories, to truly make a difference.


To kickstart your decorating prowess, here are 10 Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom that exude relaxation at its best.


Zen Interior Decor Ideas For Bathroom


Zen interior decor ideas in white bathroom with storage

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1. Relaxing Color Palette

Make good use of color psychology when choosing your bathroom’s wall palettes. Pastels and cool colors like mint green or lavender will make a bathroom feel welcoming, as if embracing you with its warmth the moment you step in. An all white bathroom with a splash of natural greens will also make a great choice. Amazon’s Amy Howard At Home spa-white one-step paint would make a good choice.


2. Spa Like Tiles

Mimic mother nature’s elegance in your own space by incorporating it in your interior decor ideas for bathroom tiles. It does not really have to be expensive to do, as there are ceramic tiles which mimic the aura of marbles and granites. Mosaic tiles are also an excellent choice as they deliver a soothing feel while maintaining visual interest and keeping you within your budget. When adding natural elements, always assess what relaxes you the most and begin from there.


3. Rainshower Head

Many Zen homes make use of waterfalls to enhance the relaxing effect of its environment. You can do the same to your bathroom. Like the pitter patter of the rain, rainshower heads deliver the ultimate relaxation. If short on budget, you can always go for thin stainless steel showerheads that create a waterfall effect.


4. Storage

Another important aspect in a Zen like bathroom is its clutter free ambience. Nothing beats a bathroom that leaves no mess. This is where good storage usually steps in. A wicker basket would make a good storage for curling irons, hair dryers, brushes, and bathroom tissue as well as cosmetic products and the like.


5. Aromatic Candles

Create an ultra soothing ambience as you soak yourself in the bathtub by turning off the light and simply enjoy the luxuriant glow from aromatic candles. Choose from various aromatic sensations available in the market.  For safety, make use of jar candles that are traditionally made and designed to give warmth and relaxation.


6. Bath Tub

There are a number of bath tubs these days that come equipped with massage features. Soaking in a hot tub after a day’s toilsome work would definitely give your system a boost. There are bath tub designs which mimic the natural elements of nature for a more Zen like feel.


7. Robe and Towel Holders

Bathrobe and towels must always be placed outside of storage for aeration. If kept in an enclosed place, these bathroom accessories can become moldy due to moisture being absorbed. To make the place look tidy, install holders that complement the whole Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom. Some holders come in sets making them more affordable choices.


8. Plant Life

When thinking of interior decor ideas for bathroom, plants should not be taken for granted. Plants help provide much needed oxygen that helps liven up a bathroom. It also absorbs harmful toxins and unwelcome smells. Plants are natural air purifiers and if you wish to have a clean bathroom, buy plants.


9. Lighting and Electrical Fixtures

Consider energy efficiency when choosing lights for your bathroom. A dimmer switch may do the trick to reduce glare and create a soothing effect. When choosing lighting, always go for LEDs to help save money on electricity bills. Also, include a speaker or smartphone docking station for music. Music is always great for Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom.


10. Artwork

Last but not least, good artwork plastered on a wall will help complete the whole Zen like ambiance for a bathroom. Choose one that depicts water and nature to truly lend a relaxing feel.


Zen bathroom interior decor ideas

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Without a doubt, carefully thought of Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom will create an ambience of peace and tranquility. Not only will this help de stress oneself from the daily grind, it will also help rejuvenate one’s system making the mind and body work harmoniously with each other. With these decorative elements in place, you can guarantee relaxation to its fullest.


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